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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cornyn on Democrats  CSPAN  March 24, 2020 9:16pm-9:31pm EDT

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discussing using modern technology to use constitutional responsibilities and obligations and the reason is obvious we shouldn't be gathering on the floor in groups. we've been warned by the center of disease control not to do that and ye get we do it because have very few alternatives so i'm hoping we can work with the parliamentarian and officers of the senateth to come up with something that is bipartisan, makes sense, that protects. we need to do our jobs even in times of national crisis whether it is a public healths, crisis r threat of terrorism, let's work hard on it. both the senate and i hope the house can aggregate to respect the rules and traditions of the senate but give options that make sense in this time. madam president i will yield the floor. >> every day that passes, the number of covid-19 were
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coronavirus cases continues to tick up, up and up. a report by the world health organization last week noted while it took more than three months to reach 100,000 cases nationwide, excuse me, worldwide, it took 12 days to 1get another 100,000. it doubled in 12 days.. and now we know it took less than a week to have the next t100,000. some of this is because of increased access to testing, something we knew we were not ramped up to do and more and more people are getting tested. that's good news for those that have it can be isolated and treated if necessary. those who don't have the peace of mind knowing that they do not carry the disease and they can by virtue of good personal hygiene and social distancing they can remain healthy.
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but if we are going to have any success at slowing down the trajectory of this and minimizing the economic arm, the time to act is now. the eyes of the nation are upon us. they want to know if partisanship can be set aside in the face of a pandemic. they want to know is this partisanship and indulgence we cannotin afford. if you are trying to figure out the answer, let me recap what has happened. for weeks or democratic colleagues agree that this is indeed a crisis waiting to act promptly and shed ourti partisanship because our country cannot wait.
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i agree we are in dire need and this is no time forhi politics s usual. this has always been our instinct during crisis like 9/ 9/11, like the great recession of 2008. we would have every reason to respect they could expect in the face of another national crisis like coronavirus that democrats and republicans would work together, but that has not been the case. we now need republicans and democrats to come together as we have in the past two deliver on our shared priority is to support ourselves during this unprecedented time. there is in fact broad bipartisan agreement about the results. we need to get relief directly from washington to the american people as soon as possible.
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and we need to provide small businesses with health so that they can survive this storm and once the virus is defeated, that they are still around to provide jobs. there seems to be broad bipartisan agreement we need to freeze the payments to provide peace ofow mind to the tens of millions of borrowers and that employees have been impacted by the viruinfected bythe virus sht now and they should have jobs to come back to later. over the weekend it seemed like we were making good progress and there had been negotiating between the parties, compromising and as of sunday morning ... we were just about there. then the speaker of the house and the minority leader of the senate decided the crisis should not be wasted.
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they claimed all of a sudden the deal wasn't good enough even though they themselves helped to write it. the speaker in particular playeg a role in blowing this up. for the weeklong vacation she flew back into town in the 11th hour and laid waste countless hours of bipartisan work. when the time came for the procedural vote in the senate that would start the process of considering legislation and t,uld have provided us more time to debate it, democrats on a partyline led by the democratic leader killed it dead in its tracks. it's hard to think of the metaphor during a time like th
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this. it was going to put out the fire and in doing so they fell in lockstep in spite of the fact many of them helped to negotiate the bills and every ounce of progress we made over the weekend, during. lesse than 24 hours later, we held another routine procedural vote. once again, democrats in lockstep. it has their fingerprints all over it. they claim they are still not happy with the work at the time but anyway the claim still doesn't holdte water. update after update saying the deal was close but with each hour, let alone the day that passes the number of coronavirus
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cases is rising. our public health system is taking a beating and the minority home state of new york is among the hardest hit. they now have 25,000 confirmed cases in new york and the number of cases doubles every three days. you would think the democratic leader would have a sense of urgency about getting help to his own constituents. in newt york if there was any doubt our friends on the other side of the aisle prioritized politics over the whole thing safety of their constituents, let me tell you about some of the changes that we are after. the minority leader wanted to include in the legislation and extension.
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to address a few standards for airlines and it's not relevant to the crisis that is at hand. while these areur normal topicse would debate and vote on, they are not the sort of thing that ought to occupy one minute of our time during this crisis. this slideshow shouldn't be a part of the minorities. clearly the goal is not to make the legislation better for those that lost their jobs. they tried to use this as an opportunity for the dramatic liberal policy reform that had nothing to do with this crisis.
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people are dying. hospitals are overwhelmed. businesses have closed their doors and workers have lost their jobs. they do not have time for the games. we cannot afford to waste time fighting one another over the sort of irrelevant sideshows. in this crisis it is absolutely unconscionable and it's reckless and irresponsible. a pandemic has swept across the country with alarming speed. hospitals are in need of personal protective equipment and businesses have shut their doors and employees have been laid off. people across the country wonder how long they can survive.
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they would have said desperately needed funding to the hospitals that are struggling to manage the influx of patients. it would have provided direct financial assistance to the middle-class families and they would receive up to $3,400 to help cover rent electric bills and others in the interim between being laid off and being able to qualify for unemployment compensation we would have provided them a lifeline and we still need to do it and we need to do it now. to ensure that the employees
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impacted by the virus would be taken care of. what's more, the small businesses need to be able to continue to exist so that when we defeat the virus, people will actually have jobs to come back to. but our democratic colleagues said that wasn't good enough. they chose to put their partisan agenda ahead of the health and safety of the american people. so, here we are with no end in sight. we keep reading reports from the minority leader and others saying the bill is on the two-year line. you can have the distance and it still never get across the goal. yesterday house democrats released their own coronavirus package which is amazing in the
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face of this new bipartisan negotiate a deal. speaker pelosi. shoots back into town after a vacation and dropped and you love then hundred page bill that includes a host of proposals that have absolutely nothing to do with solving this crisis. as i mentioned the man dates tens of millions of dollars for the john f. kennedy center for the performing arts. early voting and vote by mail for every state across the country. this isn't a sincere effort for the workers and small business businesses. it is an attempt to use a public health emergency as a smokescreen for the radical a. of democrats priority simply isn't folding the healthcare and economic crisis we are dealing with today. it's not. if it were, senate democrats wouldn't have voted against the bipartisan relief bill two times
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already. and now house democrats are flaunting a bill that does more to advance their agenda and does not solve the crisis at hand. we don't have time for the more liberal virtue signaling. we need to act and act now. i yield the floor and i would note the absence of a club. disconnect the senate about to battle bac back in to continue debate on 2 trillion-dollar economic stimulus plan. it's the third since the coronavirus pandemic began. negotiations have been taking place off the floor. as members attempt to reach an agreement with presidents trump and the u.s. house. the leaders say they are close to the deal. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell restarted the process of setting up another bill to advance the measure. the package contains expanded unemployment benefits, money for
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hospitals, as well as state and local governments and business loans. both the house and senate meet to agree t to the same stimulus plan before it goes to the president. we will have live coverage when the gavel in live on c-span2 and you can follow the federal response to the outbreak on coronavirus. watch the white house briefings and updates from governors and track the spread of the virus throughout the u.s. and the world with interactive maps and watch on demand at any time, and now fo to the senate floor.


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